Fun on the Frozen Pond 2015


      We started 2015 in a grand way with a massive photo shoot on the frozen pond on New Year's Day.  Conditions were perfect with smooth ice, bright sun and deep blue sky which reflected off the ice making spectacular color.   We had a blast playing and I shot a new daily record of 1550 photos. Here are some of my favorite ones.


         The photo below was my favorite of the day. I love the color and the composition



       You can't go wrong with action shots, so here are some







 Passion is the ball master!




Dori said "Let's play rope!"



Puppies play ball too




Of course there was puppy running

 There was even more running and leaping


 And when puppies run on ice, puppies wipe out on ice


 Then there are lots and lots of pretty pictures














        And no page would be complete without puppy shenanigans, so here they are




     I always wanted an Aussie who figured out how to roll a ball down a hill to get it to move, and then pounce, retrieve and take up back up the hill to start all over.  This puppy figured it out!






Nice puppy portraits







"Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God."  

Matthew 5:8