More Fun Photos


      Well, there is no way I can put all the fun photos on one page. There are far too many.  These dogs live to have fun and I spend hours enjoying that with them.  So here are some more photos of our antics!







 "Okay, so we are supposed to push on his ribs how many times, while waiting for the doggy ambulance?"





It's hard to be so popular!






   In the photos below, the puppies were having a blast playing as my husband pulled the sled.  They would pounce and ride, and if he stopped they would try to get it going again.  Ah, the joys of puppyhood!   I so enjoy seeing these dogs live life to the fullest and the expressions of glee on their faces!






   This picture is so funny. The merle dog likes to run around with the ball in her mouth, barking and chattering as she goes.  The other dog was posing for a picture when the clown ran chattering into the picture.  

                          Leaf piles are fun!!                 He really IS a good puppysitter



 Like father, like daughter!


"A joyful heart makes a cheerful face..."

Proverbs 15:13