Puppies Hard at Play!


      We all know as a breed Aussies work hard and play hard. I like to say one of their mottos is "Go Big or Go Home!"  It should come as no surprise that puppies also approach life with the same enthusiasm.  Here is a collection of photos of puppies hard at play!







Puppies love sticks!



  Below is fun a series of puppies chasing each other




She really wants that butterfly!



Jolly Ball fetching as a contact sport



Lydia showing the pure joy of living! 






   Of course after all that fun, a puppy has to sleep and build up more energy for the next round of play.  This little guy didn't want to lose track of his ball even while he sleeps.


Sledding with Aussies


       Here is a new section dedicated to sledding with Aussies.  We've had generations of Aussies who LOVE to play this game.  The newest one is Trinity, and she's following in her mom Skye's footsteps.  She not only leaps to jump on as it goes down the hill, but will drag it back up to start all over.  It is kind of hard to tell in these photos but this is a fairly steep hill in our back yard, so the sled gets some good speed.  The dogs don't have to go far to have fun!  The follow series was from one night of sled fun. We all played until we were happily exhausted.


Hang on, Trinity!



   Trinity really goes fast, and hangs on tight!   Shine and Skye wipe out behind her.



Trinity brings the sled back up the hill



Getting a ride from "Daddy" while Dori looks on



  Dori ready to dive on as it goes down the hill.  Trinity is right behind Dori ready to jump on too, and Shine and Skye are bringing up the rear.



     This picture shows Dori at about 5 months and Skye at about 3 months (same age as her daughter Trinity above), doing the same game!   Skye was pulling Dori on the sled.



 Puppy Culture DVD




      "Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in Heaven."  

               Luke 6:23