Snow Fun Photos 2015-2016

     After a great deal of research on the subject, I am convinced there is a yet unnamed compound that forms when snow and Australian Shepherds meet. I am going to name it "Snomonium" since it seems to be a chemical compound of snow and Australian Shepherds which causes euphoric pandemonium. I am not a chemist but I think the make-up is SnAu8Pa. I am pretty sure there are closely related compounds made up of other breeds as well, but so far I have only studied Au. Some of the clues that Snomonium has been formed occur during heavy snowfall where Aussies will be observed displaying manic running, pouncing, diving, wrestling and eating of snow. Even older dogs who are normally noble and stately can be affected by this natural phenomenon and will begin to act like puppies again. Thankfully, because of the harmless but euphoric state it causes in Australian Shepherds, there is no cure but Spring. Please allow your Aussies to form Snomonium at all opportunities. They will thank you for it, and you may just have a good time yourself joining them.

















 Snomonium can make them run at top speed too!




 And sometimes they just pose nicely








       "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is Good: for His mercy endures forever." 

              Psalm 107:1