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     This is a page to share some stacked photos of a litter, and some other dogs as they grow.  I thought it may be educational for folks to be able to see the range of structure in a litter and once they are mature (I'll add those photos at such a time). The pups are 7.5 weeks old in these photos, an ideal age to assess their structure and show potential.  It's nice to also look at them from front and rear, check bites and such, as you really assess them for show.  You would also want to see them moving.  This also shows that while all the puppies from a well bred litter should be nice, some stand out as the best show prospects and have nicer structure.   Some would have a harder time finishing a championship, but of course will make fantastic companions.  You can also see how some pups are longer in body and some are more compact. 

       I thought I would discuss a little about each puppy at the bottom.  As you try to learn about structure and how to assess a puppy, you may want to make mental notes about each pup before reading my comments. 

                         Zoey                                                              Dori

                            Justin                                                    Quest


                           Ben                                                 Porter     


                            Ollie                                            Riley

   We will start at the top row, the two girls.  Zoey is a   nice puppy in terms of structure. She is balanced but also has great rear angles, chest, topline and neck.  While you have to feel it more than see it, her shoulder layback is nice.  She is definitely a show prospect and is pick of the litter in that regard.

  Dori is also a balanced puppy but is different than her sister. She is more compact, but since she still has that balance, she too could make a nice show puppy.  She has more coat than her sister.

  Justin is also a show prospect puppy. He is moderately angled, with a great neck and topline, and chest.  His topline is a little roached in the picture, just because he wasn't relaxing into a stack.  In person it is level.

  Quest is a very compact little guy, with the most coat of all the pups.  He is still balanced and typey, just not the longer bodied like Justin and Zoey.  He has a nice chest and more neck than it looks like, due to his coat thickness.  He has great bone. He too is a show prospect.

   Ben is another very nice puppy, a longer bodied type.  He has great neck, topline and angles. He isn't stacked perfectly though so his topline looks like it slopes toward the rear. 

   Porter is another nice boy (and yes, he has a tail!)  He is a little finer boned but still has nice structure.  He isnt' stacked as well as he could be but you can still see his nice chest, neck and moderate anglulation in the rear.  He doesn't have as much chest as some of the others.  While he has nice structure, he was chosen as a companion puppy.

   Ollie has fantastic rear anglulation but a very short neck.  Because of that I wouldn't promote him as a show prospect.    He will make a fantastic companion puppy.

   Riley is another puppy with nice rear angulation and topline, but his neck is also too short to be ideal.  He is a slightly longer bodied dog than Ollie.    He too will make a fantastic companion puppy.



      In this series below, I will show a dog stacked each month as she grows, starting with 2 months and going through 3 years.  Of course this will take a while, but check back to see how she grows.  She is one of the puppies in the series above, pictured at top right.

      In these two photos she is 2 and 3 months old. You can see how much she changes even in such a short time, going for the compact puppy build into the lanky growing stage.  She has decent rear angles and stifle bend but her neck is a little shorter.



      In these two photos she is 4 and 5 months old. At 4 months she has become very leggy and has lost some of her rear angulation. Her neck is still short in proportion to her legs.  By 5 months her neck is coming back and she's got a bit more angulation again, and stifle.  Her adult coat is starting to show through the puppy fuzz.


     By 6 months she has more adult coat, and more rear angle and stifle bend than she's had all along. Her neck is nice as is her topline, and she's got a nice chest.  Like she was at 2 months of age, she is still quite balanced.  In the photo on the right, she's 7 months old and has a bit more coat, but hasn't changed that much. 

   Okay, life happened and I missed getting anything at 8 months. On the left she is pictured at 9 months, not stacked well as her rear is over extended. But you can see the general look. She's losing coat as it's hot out, but is looking more grown up all the time.  On the right she's 10 months old, again not stacked properly as her rear is over extended again, but you can see her general look. She has a nice chest and front, topline and neck.  She will never have a lot of rear angulation but she's balanced to herself and moves nicely.


     In the two photos above, she is 13 months old. She is out of coat but filling out more and more, and is turning out to be very nice. She has great neck both in placement and lenght, nice balance and nice musculature.



     And even though these are supposed to be stacked photos, I couldn't resist adding this one of her nice movement at 6 months of age!  Even carrying her ball she moves so nicely.  I never tire of watching good movement!





I just added a few more nice stacked photos of my pups,

Black tri female at 8 weeks



Black tri female at 11 weeks, and her blue merle sister below




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