Summer Fun Photos and Stories


      Summer is my least favorite season, due to heat and biting bugs like mosquitoes. That said, we all love to be outside so we try to find things to do to keep cool and bug free.  This page will feature some of the fun things we do in the summer months. My dogs all love ice so I buy them bags of it quite often.  I take them to the pond, my friend's creek or just fill the wading pool on the patio.  And now I can add hose chasing to the ways they like to keep cool and entertained!  Sometimes we play a little ball until they get hot, then we play in water.




   Check out the "A Day At The Pond"  and "New Pond Fun" pages for more fun photos. 



    "How It Began" -


   In these photos I had gotten the hose out to water the trees I planted.  I love trees and plant some almost every spring. Well, being typical Aussies my dogs followed me out to see what I was doing, and of course just HAD to join in.  So it became a dog hose party after the trees were taken care of.   One of my favorite things about Aussies is how they live life to the fullest in all they do, and always want to join in and "help"!  They make me laugh every day, and in this world that is a very good thing.  Now we play the hose game almost every day!


  Fast Forward a few years - As always when the temperature heats up, we turn to water games to stay cool and have fun outside.  The dogs and puppies always love these games and we love watching them have such a good time!    The puppies got to go first then the big dogs joined in the fun!   I take pictures with one hand and make the hose go with the other, so get some wild photos! These photos are from various fun days with my dogs and assorted visiting dogs, so there are quite an assortment.



Extreme Hose Party Dogs!!


Super Dori!


 The girls all breach together!


Super Tillie!  This is how she got her nickname.






 Skye likes to pick up the hose while it is on and get sprayed in the mouth.  And of course all the other dogs want to help!

Skye instructs the puppies in how to make the hose go when I am not holding it



Now she is showing more dogs how it's done


Here Skye sprays Dori in the face



Here she is holding the hose while more dogs bite the stream




Puppies have fun too!



 This is what Logan thinks about Pool Parties!







As if playing in the hose isn't fun enough, today I discovered my Aussies also like the sprinkler!  While they were napping in the house, I'd set it up to water part of the yard.   Later I let them out to play.  This is what I came out to!  The young dogs just can't get enough of water games!



 "Woooo Hooo!  This is fun!!!"







      It can get so hot here in summer and this is one of the few ways the dogs can still play outside and get enough exercise, without being in danger from the heat. As always, Skye is the star of the pool party show, doing cannon ball after cannon ball into the pool.  She just loves that game!  They spent the evening diving and and out of the pool, racing around the yard and wrestling, then diving in again.  It is so fun to watch wet dogs get the zoomies!



 Dori discovered that by standing on the edge of the pool, she could make water run out. For some reason she found this extremely funny and she kept doing it.  Maybe she just wanted me to turn the hose on to top off the water level. 



Even puppies enjoy pool parties!


  Here are a few photos from one of our visits to a friend's property.  She has a few Aussies from me, as well as some other rescue dogs.   She has about 25 acres of land for the dogs to run, as well as a creek running through. I take my dogs and sometimes some of her friends and family and their dogs join us for a day of doggy fun!   This last time there were well over a dozen dogs running and playing, ranging in size from a Cocker Spaniel, to a Golden Retriever, and Aussies from puppy to adult, as well as a number of mix breed dogs.  I am always happy to see how well all the dogs get along with each other, and it's a joy to see them racing around and playing with friends new and old!  It is great socializing too!





     "A joyful heart makes a cheerful face..."  

                 Proverbs 15:13


"Well done good and faithful servant!  You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things."   

               Matthew 25:21


"Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music."                     Psalm 98:4