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" ... Ask the animals, they will teach you."   
                                                                       Job 12:7

     Pictured above are AKC/ASCA Aussie Holly (black tri, 20" and 49 lbs), and AKC Miniature American Shepherd Lyra (blue merle, 16.5" and 28 lbs.)  Holly is upper middle range for Aussie size, and Lyra is at the top of the standard for a Mini American.   This gives you a visual comparison of the two breeds.


  After 20 years in the big AKC and ASCA Aussies, we've moved away from them and fully into AKC Miniature American Shepherds (aka Mini Aussies).   Some of my MAS do go oversize so can still be a good match for someone wanting an Aussie on the smaller to medium size for that breed.  Because we are working on bringing the size down in our Mini American program, we added some toy size Aussies who can also be registered as MAS in AKC.   I always do my best to estimate adult size but can't guarantee it. 

We will be updating our various pages such as raw feeding to include more details of feeding Mini Americans, since they are smaller than Aussies and will eat less, or slightly different types of RMBs.  For all the other pages that talk about training, health and other topics, even if it says "Aussies" the advice applies to Mini American Shepherds too. They are basically almost the same dogs, just smaller.

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"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi-human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog."

             -Edward Hoagland


   The quote above sums up my philosophy in living with dogs!

 The purpose of this website is to have a online resource for many topics pertaining to the care of our wonderful breeds, the Australian Shepherd and Miniature American Shepherd.  It is for anyone who lives with and loves Aussies or MAS, or is considering adding one to the family.  Please take the time to read through the various pages and learn from them.  I want to be able to provide all information that I can that could help dogs live longer, better quality lives and for their owners to be able to provide that for them. I also hope you enjoy the many photos, and some of the humor I've added.  These dogs are a joy and make me laugh daily. I want that to come through the pages of this site as well.
My dogs are an integral part of the family and I strive to give them an excellent quality of life, with optimal diet and health care, lots of fun doggy things to do, and plenty of individual attention.   They are a huge blessing to our lives!  The biggest reason I have Aussies is I thoroughly enjoy their companionship in all that I do!  I can't imagine not having them around in my daily life and activities.       Our dogs are house dogs with access to a huge fenced yard, and are with us as we go about our daily lives. I feel this gives them a happy life, since an Aussie or MAS wants nothing more to be a part of what his or her family is doing at all times.   We keep just a small number of dogs to ensure we can give them all lots of attention on a daily basis.  We go out of our way to come up with fun activities, and take the dogs out to some local property for variety in their exercise routine.  They also join us on errands to expand their social skills, as they meet many people each week.  I have friends and fellow dog owners visit on a regular basis, both for doggy socialization but also just because I enjoy talking "Aussie" with others who love the breed as much as I do.  I never want so many dogs that I can't do these sorts of things with them.

   I am extremely selective in choosing a dog for a potential breeding, as I have high standards.   Since my dogs live with us as family members, I get to know their personalities quite well, and this gives me more insight into what kinds of temperaments they may pass on to their puppies.   I find people keeping dogs in kennels may never really get to know their dogs the same way, as they don't see them in normal daily activities at home and in public. Our dogs are out in public with us often, and that not only enriches their lives, but shows me how they can relate to a wide variety of people, animals and situations.   All this is very important to me.  While I don't focus on just producing Aussies for one purpose (showing, agility, working livestock), I do want dogs that may have the potential to do those things.  My first priority is producing healthy, sound dogs that are a joy to live with in daily life, since that is how we spend much of our time with the dogs.  Having a dog that succeeds in activities but is unpleasant to be around the rest of the time is not fun.    *** It should be noted I don't breed just to fill the market with puppies to sell.  I plan each breeding with the goal of keeping the good qualities of the bloodlines, and improving any faults.  Because of this, I don't have puppies available at all times so you may have to be patient.

     I have spent over thirty years learning all I can about canine nutrition, and strive to feed my dogs in the best way possible.  We feed a diet of human grade raw meats, bones and organs, select supplements, and some super premium dry dog food.   It cuts down on health issues like allergies and skin conditions, and more serious stuff like immune disorders, many of which can be linked to poor diets and over vaccination.  It keeps our adults in peak condition, so when one does have a litter of pups, those pups are off to a much better start than average.  We follow a minimal vaccine schedule, using core vaccines rather than a huge cocktail, which can really stress the immune system and set the dog up for a lifetime of problems.  We use a minimal amount of toxins on the dogs such as pest control like Frontline Plus, and in the environment.  We also clean any waste in the yard several times a day, to ensure the dogs are not walking in it when they play.  We believe having access to a clean yard, fresh air and sunshine, and plenty of enjoyable activities and exercise also keeps the dogs' immune systems in peak condition.   By contrast, kennel living can be highly stressful to a dog and can do the opposite, causing a variety of immune related and behavioral problems.

   I have spent almost thirty years as an adult  working with canines of all types, with my main focus being canid behavior.   I have worked hands on with wolves (in USDA licensed facilities, not as pets), as well as a variety of dog breeds.  I have trained and rescued/fostered dogs of various types and backgrounds, giving me insight into different kinds of dogs.   I am endlessly fascinated by all aspects of a dog's life, from it's social behavior and how to understand that, to health and nutrition, genetics, and training.   I believe in studying pedigrees to try to ensure any breeding we may plan has a high chance of success in producing healthy, mentally and physically sound puppies.   We get our dogs hips and elbows rated by the OFA, their eyes are CERF cleared annually, and we get all the dogs MDR1 tested.   All our dogs have been DNA tested clear of the HSF4 hereditary cataract mutation.  For more in depth information see the "health testing" link.  Some breeders may tell you health screening is not important, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Read more on the "health testing" link.  Ask for copies of health testing when you visit, don't just take their word it has been done. 

    We don't breed a lot, but when we do have a litter, it is well planned, born in the house and handled daily. I am doing a modified Puppy Culture program with the pups, where they are handled in a specific way to help build the neurological system and solid temperaments.   They are also exposed to our other dogs, our cat and to as many household noises and situations as possible, and are held and handled daily.   This can help ensure a smooth transition into the puppy's new home.   As the pups get more mobile, I set them up in a small outdoor kennel, so they can learn to potty on natural surfaces.   The way this is done helps them learn to be housebroken more easily, as they have an area to eat, sleep and play, and potty in a separate area.   Keeping puppies in too small an area at this time, or on surfaces that are the same or similar to indoor surfaces will impede their success at housebreaking.   The way I do it gets them off to a great start in that regard, and I get reports back that  many pups are nearly housebroken once they are in their new homes.  

      Choosing a breeder is almost more important than choosing the actual puppy.  The breeder will have SO much impact on what kind of dog the puppy will become.  By that I mean the breeder is the one who decides on the bloodlines, the health testing, the daily care and socializing, and so much more.  A good breeder is the steward of the breed and should act as one.

    All in all I take what I do with my dogs very seriously. It's more than a hobby, it's a passion, and I value my dogs tremendously as friends and companions.   I stand behind my pups for their entire lives, and want to be available to help their owners with any questions or concerns they may have.   I also love "happy puppy" stories and photos. Many of the people who have purchased a pup have become great friends and some come back for a second or third Aussie, or referred their friends and family to me.   That is all part of the joy of this, sharing these wonderful dogs and making new friends.  I am blessed to share my life with them and love to share that blessing with others.





 ATTENTION:   It has come to my attention that scammers are using my website in a fraudulent manner by stealing content or claiming the site is their own.  It is really sad people would do such a thing but unfortunately it is just the world we live in.  If you contact me about my dogs, make sure it is from a link from this site or at my email address of [email protected]  Any other email addresses may be bogus.  I am also finding my articles on other websites, used without permission or credit.  All content on this site is covered by copyright law and is owned by me, with the exception of articles or photos credited to others.       I also ALWAYS encourage people to visit to meet us and our dogs before proceeding including sending a deposit, and I don't ship puppies.  These two things will also ensure you are dealing with me.




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    The dogs you see pictured on this site either belong to us or friends of ours who bring them to visit. Many are related to my  dogs.  I included the photos so you can see some of the fun things they get to do.  I like an Aussie with an eagerness to please, not too high energy or hyper but with an "on/off" switch, and of moderate size and type.  I love a pretty head and overall look, but not at the expense of health or temperament.  I want a quality dog I can live with!





     "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight."

        Proverbs 3:5-6


     "...And what does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God."  

              Micah 6:6


     "I can't think of anything that brings me closer to tears than when my old dog -- completely exhausted after a hard day in the field -- limps away from her nice spot in front of the fire and comes over to where I'm sitting and puts her head in my lap, a paw over my knee, and closes her eyes and goes back to sleep. I don't know what I've done to deserve that kind of friend."

           -Gene Hill



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