Aussie Tales


     This page will be dedicated to sharing short and often amusing stories of life with Aussies.   Over the years my own dogs have done some pretty interesting and amazing things.  I also get stories from puppy buyers relating the wonderful thing their Aussies do, and I will include them with permission of the authors.

We figured out why Aussies are so smart. They go to Aussie School!  They are taught by the best and brightest Aussies. Here two are learning the best strategies to get the job done.








   Our first story is from Theresa and her husband Bart.  The puppy Justa is from my first litter (a full brother to Rio, for those that know him.)   Here it is, in Theresa's own words:


     I was working early shift and was out the door by 5:30 every morning.  Justa had taught HIMSELF how to ring the bells on the door to be let outside at a very young age.  We had sleigh bells hanging from the door knob at Christmas time and he (with his unbelievable intelligence!) put 2 and 2 together and knew that the door opening and the bells ringing were somehow connected.

So I left for work and Bart was still lying in bed TRYING to get motivated.  Justa kept running in the bedroom trying to get daddy out of bed.  But Bart didn't listen to him and just thought he wanted to play or be fed or something.  So THEN Justa began to ring the bells hanging from  the door.  "Ring.  Ring.  RING"!  (they were getting louder?)  Again, Bart didn't pay too much attention.  (he must have been really tired that morning! lol)

A few minutes later, Justa came into the room WITH the bells and dropped them onto the floor right next to Bart's side of the bed!  Bart got up and called me shortly thereafter......

"Honey?  Justa is EXTREMELY smart, isn't he?"  I said, "Yes!  I've been trying to TELL you that!  Why?"

"Well, I'm not sure which came first!  The fact that he was trying to wake me up with the bells to be let outside.  OR if he had an 'accident' on the floor and thought to himself, 'Oh NO!  I'm going to be in so much trouble!  I'll take the bells into the room so he thinks I TRIED to wake him up!'.  But either way, honey, it was the smartest thing I've ever seen a dog do!  You were right!" 
    My next story is from Nicole and it is about her Aussie Maya (she's a sister to Treasure.)  It goes like this:
    "When Maya was a pup... I gave her ice cubes out of the freezer.  I'd reach in and grab a few and make her do obedience to earn them.
    One day... I was getting ice out of the ice maker... then switched it over to the water.  Maya came running over.  I gave her an ice cube, then went on my way to my office.  A couple minutes later I hear a tapping on the fridge, and go to the kitchen to a puddle of water.  She was hitting the lever to get an ice cube... but the water setting was on.  Needless to say... it stays locked now!"


    "Maybe you have heard of cow tipping, where young people looking for some fun in the country go out and push over sleeping cattle.  Well, I think I have some Aussie puppy delinquents on my hands. They have discovered that they can tip over the toads that visit our back porch in search of insects drawn to the light.  I put the pups out to potty, and just went to let them back in, only to find a toad the size of a silver dollar all drawn up into a defensive ball, and on his back.   The puppies had done it, and as Lucy came by she nosed him too.  I am sure he thought his night of terror would never end. 

  Toad tipping.......

  I guess I should be glad they aren't licking them!  Puppies on toad drugs!"   

     (This has happened many times since)

     I wanted to share an observation I have made about doing landscaping chores with Aussies around.  All of the ones I've ever lived with seem to get into joining whatever the leader or the group is doing.   If I go out to trim hedges or bushes (by hand with pruning shears) I notice the dogs all follow along and "help" by chewing off branches. It may not be THAT beneficial because they don't trim the way I do, but I do think it's cool they want to help. If I go out to pick berries, they come along and pick the ones they can reach, and eat them. If I am moving brush to a brush pile, or logs to a log pile, they pick up and carry some too.   If I am weeding something, they all begin to pull out clumps of grass (again, not so helpful, but it IS insightful that they try to mimic what I am doing.)  I have never seen a breed of dog who SO wants to pitch in and join what their human is doing.  I have not taught any of them to do that.  It's amazing and part of why I really enjoy life with Aussies. 
    Just recently I had seen a video on TV where a dog was "singing" along to the child's song "B-I-N-G-O".  The dog would bark each time the "B" came up.  I figured my Aussies could do that no problem, so began to teach Darcy to do it.  Right away I had an eager crowd around me, all trying to see what we were doing.  In just a few seconds Darcy caught on and was barking right on cue, and Belle and Harmony learned it about 10 seconds later.  We now have an Aussie Choir!   These dogs learn SO fast!

     I was out doing chores tonight, and playing with the dogs in the yard.  I heard the sound of branches crackling, and looked over to one of the big brush piles I made in the dog yard, for them to play around. I saw Darcy up on TOP!   How and why she got up there, I don't know, but there she was.  The branches are small diameter and it must have taken quite some skill for her to get up there. I wish I had my camera (I'd just dropped it off inside).  She looked quite pleased with herself for being up there and just to show she was having fun, she chewed on some branches.   Darcy seemed to make sure I was watching, and she leaped down and jumped up on one of the wooden platforms, just to show off her jumping skills.  This was certainly an athletic litter!   It amazes me at how good and motivated Aussies are at climbing.  They seem to do it just because they can.

 We have 3 of those Kuranda cot type dog beds in the living room, and of course dozens of  different dog toys throughout the first floor. The dogs have been on a roll making arrangements of the toys on their beds. I noticed a theme or pattern with the toys used and placements of those toys, and wonder if it's coincidence or not but it IS interesting. 






 "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." 

              Matthew 5:9