Past Buyer Comments

I was asked to update this section on my site. I am sorry I've not done that as much  in recent years, as I got more busy with Facebook, the dogs and life in general, I've not kept up all sections of this site. It's a bit overwhelming since it's grown so large!  Rest assured we still have dozens of happy puppy owners who send great personal updates and photos (and come back to visit), and at this point up to half my pups go to past buyers who can't just have one Faithwalk Aussie!  I also get quite a few referrals, people meet my dogs in public and want to know where they came from. 

      I wanted to have a page where I could post some of the many letters I get from puppy buyers.  In doing so, I wanted any future buyers to have some insight into my pups and my program,  the kinds of traits my dogs have, and what kind of experience they may have as a buyer.  But creating this page has had another effect on me. It has helped me realize how many lives I have touched with my dogs (which is my first and foremost reason for doing this), and how many great new friends I have made.  I am blessed!  So I want to issue a formal thank you to each and every one of you who has taken one of my precious pups into your home and heart!   I will also say thank you to all you have come back for your second or third  or even fourth Faithwalk Aussie.  To me that speaks volumes of the trust you have in me as the breeder of your new family members! 


A few years ago I came across a Faithwalk dog and then Jill Porter. Within 3 days I was on my way to get my first Mini American and currently have added 2 more to our home. If you are in search of a responsible breeder that cares for her puppies and owners long after they have left her care, Jill is the breeder you want. Jill takes the time to get to know her customers and their needs. She matches her pups with the best owner possible. Between myself and my extended family we have 6 Faithwalk dogs and see that growing in the future.     Tammy Arnold  2/22/22



If you become a part of Jills dog family, you have a friend and a resource for life. You will also quickly realize why so many people end up with two or more of her dogs!! She isn’t breeding to make money, she’s breeding because she loves these dogs and loves seeing them bring joy to others. You can tell by looking at them they are well bred (good looking), but once you live with them you realize the care she takes in breeding so that their temperament is top notch as well! I have one Aussie and one MAS from Jill and both love people, are great with my toddler, good with horses and cats, and are treasured parts of our family. Get a dog from Jill and you won’t be disappointed - but you might as well prepare to end up with two…..       Becca Snider   Feb 2022




 July 2016

  Here is an update a week after Rain went to her new home:

Jacob and I took Rain and Bear on a day trip to Lake Michigan this weekend and I just had to share theses photos with you! She fits in so good and Bear just adores her. She just licks and licks him and always lays right next him. I've never seen Bear initiate play so much, and actually want to play. Rain has really warmed up and plays with us and we are slowly working on her getting used to our nieces and nephews when they come over. But she's truly been a blessing to us.





    Happy 4th plus a day :)  (I hope you get the pictures attached)
THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!   I can not thank you enough for this fuzzy guy who we call YOGI  !!!!

 I can not go out in public with out getting stopped.  If I am not getting complements on his eyes, his markings (the softness of his coat after they pet him) or his temperament or how big he is for only 10 months old.
BUT..... This gets old...." No he is not a Bernese puppy", "no he is not a Husky just because of his blue eyes" but it always ends in "that's an AWESOME/COOL dog!"  They can NOT believe he is an Aussie for how calm and gentle he is with me.  Then I hear of their horror stories of their friends' psycho Aussies. YIKES!

    He loves going to the dog park, and showing off on the teeter totter and ladder. He will be starting the basic agility classes later July to get familiar with the equipment.  I made weave poles and we work on that but no major jumping yet till he's a year and also I have to get my leg up to par to RUN.

     He did great with the fire works no skittish or afraid behaviors. He sat outside watching with me!

     He truly enjoys going for car rides to my son's baseball games and watching (hoping to get the fly balls really) but he likes to sit right on my lap.    We've gone to the beach a few times where he likes to chase the waves and bark at them, digs up rocks - ok more like boulders!

     Keep up the great work for the love of such a great breed and the one that gave me back my zest for life again!!!!

Suzanne Killeen




      January 25, 2016:

      Jill-  Here is an up to date (as of December 2015) photo of the three loves of our lives (excepting our human sons, that is).  As we have expressed in person, when Steve (far right) came to live with us at 8 weeks (in May 2014), we were new to Australian Shepherds (most recently golden retrievers and yellow labs) and accordingly not sure what to expect in practical terms (although interactions with you, your adult dogs and the other litter mates gave us a high level of confidence this would work out very well for all).  Quite simply, Steve is THE MAN!  From the very first day we brought him home, we were amazed at his kind/loving nature, incredible intelligence and natural athleticism.  If our expectations were at a level of 10, he scored a 20!  Your advice on how best to train and feed him have proved to be spot on, and his succession of courses from puppy 101 through the current advanced agility training (and competitions) have left the other dogs in the dust and the other owners in awe.  It is absolutely due to our incredible experience with Steve that prompted us to contact you to see about giving him a little brother or sister at the beginning of 2015.  At the end of March 2015, we picked up Clark (far left) based on your characterization of his demeanor with his litter mates and our 1-1 interactions with the little guy.  Clark is very much his own pup (he does not turn 1 until next week so he is not quite a dog yet), with an incredible personality, just as smart and athletic as Steve, and perhaps the biggest cuddle-monster of the three.  He balances all that wonderfulness with a spark within that tells you if something devious is about to happen, he probably master-minded the plan and is playing a leading role in the entire production!  Of course, as he grew older, we knew that it would take one more (gulp) to make the pack complete: enter Roy (center)!  Having just raised 2 pups in less than 2 years, we were hesitant to go through that again, so when you and Joyce let us know that Roy was just 1 year old and fully trained, housebroken, etc., we came to Camden and quite honestly it was love at first sight/sniff (both Steve and Clark immediately took to him, and he to them in that afternoon interview).  Since coming home with Roy last November, he and his brothers spend each day balancing naps, loving their raw diet meals (thanks again for the tip to My Pet Carnivore), playing in the yard (they all do fly around as happy Aussies tend to do, at sometimes incredible speeds and oftentimes flying over each other and obstacles), always with the happiest of smiles!  Our only struggle was with walking all three of them together with just one of us, a proverbial handful that has passersby comment at what a handsome family we have.  Sorry we have not written sooner, but just wanted you to know that we are taking good care of our charges and to thank you for your help and guidance along the way.  Three is enough (for now, or so says my better half!). 

    Best!  Lance (and Cyn) Tennant, Ada, Michigan


    As first time Aussie owners, we sat down and did a huge amount of research before we decided it was time to add a new pup to our family, and truthfully, once I discovered Faithwalk Aussies and Jill's wonderfully detailed website filled with all types of nuggets of Aussie-wisdom, I felt excited and confident in my decision. Seriously, I think I have read every page at least once and glean new information every time I do.

     Chloe joined our family in late spring of 2013 and she has been a joy and a treasure and a healing spirit to our family, after losing our beloved collie a year earlier. Buying a puppy when you live 8 hours away from the breeder and only being able to see the puppy in photos is a total act of trust. This is why I sincerely believe Jill to be one of the best breeders I have met. She knows her dogs and in particular the Aussie breed inside and out. Her pups are brought up in a very healthy, enriched environment, where they are handled, loved, stimulated and socialized from day one. I like her term ?aptitude testing? instead of temperament testing, as just like humans, every puppy is an individual and shows potential for different tendencies of behavior.

Jill not only knows her dogs, but she also listens to her puppy buyers to understand what type of Aussie they want and what Aussie would be best suited for their home and lifestyle. When I told her I hoped to have an active dog that would enjoy outdoor activities and participating in training classes and events, she listened and explained to me exactly what to expect with this particular puppy. And she was spot-on.  Chloe happens to be one of those true high energy Aussies ? more energy than I had ever had in a dog before. (Remember ? not all Aussies are the same.)  But thanks to Jill?s information, I knew exactly what I was getting into! Chloe is by far the most intelligent dog I have ever known. Many of the tricks she performs she taught herself to do. She is ball-obsessed and would play non-stop if allowed. She loves cats ? even if she tries to herd them a bit and is gentle with smaller animals.  She earned her CGC as a young dog and she has taken agility classes, Relaxed Rovers, has been herding tested and enjoys hiking and swimming. We?re hoping to start tracking/nose work soon. She?s also a little social butterfly; she loves to attend local festivals with us and has had her photo featured in several of our local pet magazines and Instagram feeds..

     Most of all, Chloe is a beloved member of the family. She is right there wherever we are and whatever we are doing and we can't imagine life without her. She's a Velcro dog (I think that IS typical of most Aussies) and wants to be by your side at all times. Chloe's not perfect, she has her moments like every dog does. But again, thanks to Jill's knowledge of the breed, we know the best ways to train her, motivate her and help her to be the best Aussie she can be.

You will not be disappointed with a Faithwalk Aussie! I'm ready for another.

     Cathy Brockway





      We feel blessed to have found Faithwalk Aussies. When we decided we wanted an Australian Shepherd, we started searching for breeders. We found 3 that had litters coming soon, but were drawn to Faithwalk because it was clear these dogs just weren't Jill's business, they are her life. Her dogs and pups receive the best of care. We drove 3 hours to meet her and her Aussies and were even more comforted by what we saw. These dogs were healthy, gorgeous, friendly, loving and so well cared for. Jill has a wealth of knowledge about raising holistic dogs and after being awed by what we witnessed, we were convinced we wanted to follow in her footsteps. 

     We patiently waited for our pup to be born. When the litter was around 5 weeks old, we were invited out for another visit. The pups were all so happy, playful and healthy. Jill has a large pen just for the pups to play in and it was very clean and well maintained (as was everything else we saw). While we showed up thinking we knew exactly which pup we wanted, to be honest, we would have been thrilled with any of them. In fact, there was one pup who had not yet found an owner who tugged at our hearts and we ended up reserving two pups.

    Fast forward to 6 months later. We have two amazingly healthy and happy pups running around the house. We are feeding them a raw, holistic diet, trying to mimic how Jill raises her other dogs. They are energetic and need a great deal of stimulation, but are otherwise extremely loving and thirsty for instruction. We have our daily routines which they seem to like. At night, they know when it is time to go to their crates and wait for their bedtime treat. At feeding time, they know exactly where each of their food dishes are going to be placed and who stands where. They quickly learned to ring the bell at the back door when they want to go out (they ring it all the time ? they LOVE to play in the snow). We haven't put much effort into training them as of yet because they have been eager to learn all on their own. 

   I also want to add how impressed we are that Jill?s concern for our pups didn't end when we walked out the door with them. Anytime I have emailed with questions about the pups, she has promptly responded with the advice sought. This to me is further evidence that she truly cares about these dogs. If you still want to know more about Jill, follow her on Facebook. She actively posts her dogs in play and other items of interest to Aussie owners. I highly recommend Jill to anyone considering an Australian Shepherd as a family pet. 
Cathleen Adams
     We purchased Quinn, a black tri male, in March, 2015.  Everything about the experience was as impressive as the Faithwalk website.  Jill is extremely knowledgeable regarding the breed.  Every email we sent her while considering one of the puppies was answered quickly which was really appreciated since we were so excited.  Our first trip out to her beautiful property was so much fun.  Aside from the excitement of meeting the available puppies, meeting her adult Aussies was quite a thrill.  There was never a doubt in our minds that we were at the right place!  Our vet, upon meeting Quinn for the first time, said "You obviously didn't purchase him from any backyard breeder. He might be the best looking Aussie I've ever met!"  Quinn is one week shy of his first birthday.  He is a super smart, high energy dog who is amazing at catching Frisbees and tennis balls out of the air!  Thanks to Jill, we have a wonderful addition to our family!

    Sharon and Don McGuire
     January, 2016



January 2016
    Jill, I wanted to tell you how this beautiful, loyal and smart little dog has healed a hole in our heart. Losing the two  "love of our life" elderly dogs (a Springer Spaniel and an Akita) weeks apart we truly never thought we would ever consider getting another dog. As time passed we realized what an emptiness there was in our house and our lives.
    We were at a lake one afternoon and saw a women with two puppies. Two Aussie puppies. After talking with her we decided to research the breed as we knew nothing about Aussies. Having a horse farm and  breeding horses for many years, I know how much thought and knowledge goes (or should go) into the breeding of an animal. I now was ready to take the next step. The search was on for the best breeder of Aussies.
     As fate took us to the lake with the lady with two Aussie puppies, fate helped us find Faithwalk Aussies and Jill Porter. After spending an hour plus reading Jill's web page, I was convinced this was a person who shared my belief that if you breed the best to the best you will get the best. Looks, temperament, trainability and conformation will be carried on and improved. After several emails with Jill, we made an appointment to meet and see three pups she had available. Jill told me to plan on about three hours to spend for the appointment. We spent every minute of that three hours listening to Jill on the breed and her breeding, her strong belief of the raw diet, inoculations, socializing, why this dog is not for everyone and of course being with her pups and dogs. I knew Jill would always be available to answer questions and help with problems or concerns for years after as she was so passionate about her dogs. We knew about an hour in, the hole in our lives was going to be filled.
    This beautiful little guy chose us. He would sit by us, go off and play but always return to where we were. There was no questions this dog was ours.
   We have followed Jill's suggestion on raw diet, puppy classes, socializing, and training. Zeke has been the easiest and most trainable dog we have ever had. There has not been a day that "Zeke" has come into our lives that I am not thankful we saw the puppies at the lake. I am convinced this was meant to be. We will always have a hole in our heart for the dogs we lost but our heart became bigger and the hole a little smaller the day we brought home our new family member.
    Thank you Jill! 
     Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy we are with Otto.  Mike and I are just thrilled with him on a daily basis. We started "Puppy Kindergarten" and the trainer announced to the whole class "what a beautiful Aussie he is" and that "his boxy face and figure are what is notable about the breed".  She has been training dogs since the 70's and loves Aussies, thus loved Otto. She absolutely loves his colors and his personality too.  Everyone we have shared him with so far thinks he is a Bernese Mountain dog due to his markings and fluffy hair.

Overall, he has been doing so great.  He loves all people, other dogs of all sizes, cats, kids and the like. We are just so excited at how relaxed he is in all situations and how well he tolerates everything (brushing, nail cutting, etc.). Your talent for breeding for temperament and beautiful dogs is truly evident in this dog.  We cannot thank-you enough! I was so nervous to get an Aussie (due to all the research I did) and I am just so grateful we decided to use you as a breeder and have the opportunity to purchase one of your dogs. He is incredible and I hope it sticks with continued consistency with training. Behavior is one thing, but his temperament came from your careful breeding and amazing dogs.

My husband asked me to send this email so you could use it to show other potential buyers or for your website. I could go on and on about how wonderful Otto is, but this would be a novel. However, I would be more than happy to tell customers of the wonderful experience we have had through you.

Thank-you again! He is an absolute angel. We have appreciated your support in answering our questions and all the love and care that went into Otto!

Stephanie Abbott



     I have two dogs from Faithwalk Aussies. I learned about this breeder from my daughter who has a dog from Jill (and got her second in 2021), which she got 5 years ago. We made the long drive from the south to pick up both dogs at different times.  I have been so pleased with my dogs. They have great natures and have been healthy from day one. Jill is very knowledgeable and has been available for any questions I've had. Thank you Faithwalk Aussies!
      Jean Stark


     It had always been a dream of mine to own an Australian Shepherd. And if you are anything like me, you have spent countless hours researching breed traits and breeders to find the "perfect fit." If you are reading this, then I can say honestly and confidently that your search is over. Jill Porter is one of the most passionate and dedicated people I have ever met. She cares an incredible amount about the quality of puppies she brings into the world. She helped us pick out a puppy that would fit our growing family. Our dog Layla is absolutely wonderful with our daughter. Nora can push, pull, tug, talk to, walk over and hug Layla as much as she wants. Layla either just accepts it with grace or happily returns the love with kisses. Layla has the perfect temperament for our home and Jill knew that when she helped us pick her. She has been a perfect addition to our family. I am confident that if you have patience and are willing to wait for the right dog for you (not just right color coat or eyes) Jill will be able to help you in the same way. 

    Matthew Gusky


    We got our first puppy from Faithwalk Aussies in May 2014. Turbo has been a wonderful family pet. She has been loyal, protective and adapted to our family well. We have taken her on almost all of our trips, she has gone hiking, kayaking and runs with me. She loves going to daycare and to the dog park. We decided to get another Faithwalk dog after fostering dogs for different rescues. Turbo was so used to having another companion since she was 6 months old. We knew that she would be great with a permanent one.

    In January 2016, we got another boy from Faithwalk. Turbo has been great with him and even sleeps in the crate at night to calm him. He is 9 weeks old now and has adjusted well. Turbo graduated from Canine Good Citizen class and is now in her first agility class. Not only are Faithwalk dogs beautiful, they are perfect family dogs and Jill has done extensive testing and examination to breed the best Aussies.

I have maintained regular contact with Jill since we got Turbo. She is a wealth of information on dogs' behaviors, health and temperaments. Jill helped me when I had issues with fostering and taught me so much about canine behavior. She is always available and very willing to help in any way she can. She loves dogs and loves being able to provide a family with the happiness and fulfillment that a dog can bring.  

      Amanda McLean


     We picked up Liberty in November of 2013.  She was a little, fluffy bundle of kisses when we got her, and became a favorite of both friends and strangers.  As she got older and went to puppy school, we learned that she was very smart, with a large vocabulary and very quick to learn new words and activities.  She is a very sweet and gentle girl, and she gets along great with then other animals in our house (3 cats and another Aussie).  She is definitely a herd dog, and likes to make sure people are going in the right direction (even if she doesn't know what direction that is).  She likes to sleep near my wife, too, just to make sure she is safe and sound.  She is a pretty girl, a beautiful black tri.  While Liberty isn't as athletically gifted as some other Aussies we have met, she still loves to run around in the yard and play.

She is our second Faithwalk Aussie, and the fifth within our greater family.  While each dog has a different personality, they are all very sweet and people-oriented.

   Jim Burr

******************************************************************** Passionate and Caring breeder

Jill is an awesome breeder. She is among the best. I found her after we suddenly lost our precious 8 year old Aussie. I read all of the info on Jill's website and was impressed at what I read. I contacted her and she immediately responded. I learned that she had puppies available. We made arrangements to visit the dogs. What a wonderful place to raise dogs. She had full size dogs and puppies. Jill answered all of our questions that we had. We had many of them and emailed her all the time. Jill took the time to answer us and help us through our rough time of grieving. Even after bringing our new baby home, she was still available to answer any question we had. Even when the dogs get older, she still answers questions and loves to hear about how her "babies" are doing. She is everything you would want from a breeder. She does not just breed to put more puppies in the market. I will go back to Jill when we need to get another dog. You will not be disappointed with a dog from Jill.

Belinda      April 7, 2014


******************************************************************** BEST DOG IN THE WORLD!!

      Hi Jill, thought i would send you a few pictures of my beloved two year old Koje. He is the best dog in the world! He helped keep my older dog alive for two extra years and just passed this winter at 15. My vet had recommended that he come to our house to put him down (he had a stroke) so Koje can sniff him so he wouldn't continue to look for him. He said these dogs are so smart, and thought that it would be best for Koje. A good tip to pass along to others that have two Aussies! It did work but he was sad, and actually slept in my bed for two weeks! A bed hog. He now comes up for a visit at night, and then goes back to his bed. He is a great dog, friend and companion to me. He loves my kids, plays frisbee, swims, runs next to me with no leash whether I am biking or running. He doesn't bark much and doesn't have a mean bone in his body! He loves all dogs, and I have never heard him growl. I would love to take him to nursing homes but don't know how to  go about that, for he has plenty of tricks to show people. We are blessed to have him in our lives and can't thank you enough for him. I thought I would send you a few pictures. Everyone he meets tells me how beautiful he is! And I can't believe he is two! You do a great job breeding Aussies.    Thank you! Joanne

 UPDATE 2020, Joanne added her second Faithwalk puppy, a black tri named Roadie



******************************************************************** We Love Our Puppy!

Thank You Jill, our family is so grateful for Billie Jean, she is such a huge piece of sunshine in our lives!  Times are bad, but she makes us laugh all day long!   If everyone had an Aussie there would be no time for fighting.  All she does is spread the love around!  She lets us and friends hug on her all of the time.  She not only brings us joy, but everyone she meets, love her! She was invited to be trained at our local hospital as a working dog for companion to the sick people.  She is a huge lover!  Hope you are proud, must be cup overflows everyday! 
I love all of her pics, she is so little here, chewing on a plant. What a cutie butt.  Same crazy, cutie butt girl today.  Love her so much!!!

******************************************************************** We Love Our Aussie!
     Joey is doing very well and we just love him dearly.  One interesting thing about him, is that Rocky has lost his hearing now (he?ll be 14 at the beginning of March) and Joey somehow knew it.  Joey has become Rocky?s ears.  He always gently wakes him up when it is time to go potty, gets him worked up when it is time to bark at something, gathers him up when it is time to come inside, etc.  I don?t know if this is a common thing or not that a dog can sense something like this, but it is truly fascinating to me to watch. 
                  - The Franklin Family
     (Joey is the black tri pictured below on the left, along with old Aussie Rocky and their two little girls.  Joey is two years old in this picture).

******************************************************************** QUALITY + CARING + KNOWLEDGE = 5 STAR AUSSIES!!

We purchased a wonderful Aussie Blue Merle puppy, Blu Bell, from Jill. The puppy is everything that Jill told us and more. We researched the Aussie breed, information on breeders and searched 100's of breeders on-line over many months including speaking to several breeders and finally came upon Jill and her dogs. It was very important to find the right dog and we were determined to be informed buyers. Jill answered all our questions and provided valuable advice. Her love of this breed shows in the quality we received. I can't tell you the compliments we get on Blu Bell. Blu Bell has a great temperament AND is a top quality Aussie. There are people who breed puppies out there and then there are those with a passion to maintain the essence of a breed and produce top quality dogs. If you are looking for quality, caring and knowledge this is the breeder for you. Email me at any time for further information - I wouldn't hesitate giving my recommendation regarding this breeder.




******************************************************************** I can't thank you enough!

Dear Jill -
   they always say that things happen for a reason. I truly do believe this.  I believe that when I was looking for a puppy and I saw the one you had pictured, I knew that this was what I wanted. I had looked at so many puppies, but I kept coming back to yours.  I was really missing Dakota, and wasn't sure about even wanting another dog, or for that fact one that would take her place.
  So after we talked, and I felt so comfortable with you and all that you shared with me, and both of us having fibromyalgia, our love of dogs, and so on I knew you were sent to me, you and your wonderful dogs. 
   I feel very blessed to have been able to meet you, because if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have this wonderful, beautiful, lovable puppy with me right now!  I want you to know I am so happy with Dream!  I look at her and she melts my heart.  Over the past few days I still can't believe that she is here with me. She brings me such joy. To tell you the truth, I never thought that any dog would take away the pain I've been feeling, the guilt and sorrow that I've been going through since I lost Dakota this year.  Every time I hold Dream I almost cry.  Only out of being so happy.  Ever time I turn around she is right there at my heels.  I love it!  If she gets a little scared of something, she runs right to me as if to say Mommy hold me!  And every day that she is here with me I tell her how happy I am to have her in my arms. That I am so grateful to have her in my life. 
  So, thank you to you and your husband for letting me have such a wonderful puppy.... Thank you for bringing so much happiness and joy back into my life...


******************************************************************** Trustworthy Passionate Breeder

Jill is a fabulous breeder. I have bought 2 gorgeous female pups from her. I am impressed with their personality, structure, health, markings... The oldest one I have been showing in conformation and she is almost a Champion! Will finish her in 2009 I am sure! Jill is full of a wealth of information about the breed and dogs in general. Jill has been there for me answering questions all along the way. In fact, she provides so much information that sometimes I have a hard time absorbing it all, but she is very patient to repeat herself for me when I ask similar questions later. Jill is one of the kindest most honest people that I have met. Through these two puppy purchases, we have become friends. That says a ton right there. Thanks Jill for helping this breed improve the lines with the quality Aussies you offer. As buyers you can trust Jill. If you want to call me to verify Jill's integrity, you may. Happy Holidays! Marcie .



******************************************************************** Love our puppy!

     We picked up our Hudson in July of 2008.  He just celebrated his first birthday and he is AMAZING.  Jill is an awesome breeder; the pups and their parents are obviously loved and well cared for.  She begins to socialize them immediately.  When we came to visit, all of the puppies, and some of the older dogs, were very comfortable with our visit.  She had loads of information for us and seemed to care about where her puppies where going to live.  It felt good to know that the breeder cared enough to interview us!!  Hudson is a wonderful addition to our family.  He is full of happy energy and is very smart.  Loves to catch and fetch, is very easy to groom, and is extremely handsome!  He is a big boy...about 50 lbs!  We love him and are grateful to Jill!

Gary and Lisa


Highly recommend this breeder!

We just picked up our Australian Shepherd puppy from Jill last week and cannot speak any higher of her! She answers any questions through email almost immediately and still does even after we brought him home! We visited several times while deciding on our puppy and it is obvious that Jill truly cares for all of her dogs. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a puppy and will definitely use her again!


Update 2022, Tammy has added two more Aussies, black tri siblings Clark and later, Glad.


             Wrigley the super puppy!

******************************************************************** Honest and caring

This breeder is very honest and will answer and question you have. I explained my life situation to her and told her what I was looking for in a puppy and dog and she matched me perfectly. I love my dog more than anything and she is EVERYTHING I asked for. I also referred my sister in law and her husband to her and they love their dog as well. The puppy is perfect. This is their first Aussie and Jill really explained to them what to expect from the new member of their family. Highly recommended!




******************************************************************** Wonderful Puppy

       Hello, I received my little girl from Jill in October. If you are looking for a good and reliable breeder, Jill is definitely that. I was very concerned when purchasing a puppy on the internet however, I am very glad I did. In the weeks I was waiting for the arrival of my pup, Jill would send pictures and updates letting me know how my puppy was doing. This made time pass a lot faster and when the time came for my puppy to be shipped Jill did a very good job making sure everything was planned well so that the puppy would have a comfortable and safe flight. When my puppy arrived I could tell she was well taken care of. Her puppies have great personality, beauty, and intelligence.



******************************************************************** AWESOME AUSSIES!

Jill raised our newest family member,  Jack.  Jack is an black tricolor Australian Shepherd.  He is a wonderful dog.  It is very evident that he was raised properly.  He was well cared for.  His personality is unbelievable and he is an avid learner.  I believe these wonderful traits are a result of how Jack was raised and cared for by Jill.  She is honest,  caring and great to work with.  Jill handled the entire adoption procedure in
a professional manner with a great personal touch.  She included photographs, toys and other items that belonged to Jack in his adoption.  She explained the care she provided her Australian Shepherds to help me understand how to better care for Jack. She sent information with me for natural foods, vitamins and nutrition for Jack and educated me about various dog foods.  After we returned home with Jack, Jill sent us other photographs that she had of Jack and also mailed us other pictures she had left on her camera film when we got Jack.  She is just a great person.  She loves her animals.  She puts her heart into her work.  She works with animals for the right reasons and looks for the best homes to place them.
                     Donna Parker

(Donna and her husband later adopted two young adult Aussies from me, Faith and Savvy.  They have recently added their fourth Faithwalk Aussie Joy!   Thanks Matt and Donna!  )



  Jack's first day home              Savvy                            Faith     

I need to get a picture of Joy to add!


******************************************************************** Outstanding Customer Service

After trying to find an Aussie breeder in my area (NY/NJ/PA) with no luck, I resorted for the first time to shop the online. I was very hesitant to buy a dog this way, but had no real choice. Let me tell you, I'm glad I did. Jill is just great to work with. She responded quickly to my numerous questions and when it came time to fly our new puppy to NJ Jill handled everything. She made it very easy and everything went smoothly (except the flight was delayed -- but that's SOP for Newark). Our new family member is just wonderful and lots of fun! I recommend this breeder to everyone and would buy from her again, Thanks Jill.

Mark and Debbie

(update, Mark bought his second Aussie from us a year later, and his third the year after that!  Just this spring they added their fourth Faithwalk Aussie Theo!  Thanks Mark and Debbie!!)




******************************************************************** Blue Merle Aussie Puppy--Dori

Jill, Thank you so much for everything! Little Dori is already falling into place in our family. The shipping went as planned and our puppy is wonderful--exceeding all our expectations. Her temperament and mannerisms are just as you described. She is healthy and well cared for puppy. Thanks again for everything. Jason, Stacy, Addison, Lucy, Ozark, and Dori



******************************************************************** Great Experience!!

We got a blue merle male and he is just wonderful! He's got the best personality and is gorgeous!! Jill is a true pleasure to work with! She sent us regular updates and pictures of our dog and she still sends us updates on his parents which we love getting! We had our puppy shipped and Jill made the whole process so easy! I would recommend one of Jill's Aussie's to anyone!! They are absolutely wonderful!!


 (Cassie later sent a referral to us, a couple who had met Cassie's Aussie at the park. They liked him so much they bought a younger full brother to Cassie's puppy.  Thanks Cassie!)


******************************************************************** The BEST!

I bought my first dog ever from Jill - a blue merle Aussie I named Murray. Jill was phenomenal to work with. I picked Murray out when he was just 2 weeks old, and Jill sent updates for the next month, plus we visited a few times, too, while little Murray was growing up. When we took Murray home at 8 weeks, Jill was the most helpful person we could have asked for. We've kept in touch ever since, and take Murray and his sisters to visit Jill and her "pack" every couple of months. Jill is not only very knowledgeable about the dogs she breeds, but is also a very loving "Mommy" to the puppies in their early lives. I know my little buddy Murray had a great home for the time he was with Jill, and he loves going back to see her and all of his Aussie buddies! I would hands-down recommend Jill and all of her puppies.

Mark and Amber

 ********************************************************************  You!

   I will see if I can get a good clear photo for you to post.  Buddy is really coming along with his training and I have to brag.  He is becoming such a great dog!  He has the best personality...he is sweet, loves to be around people, and is very smart.  He definitely has the Aussie traits.  I have introduced him to one of our local dog parks and he met a 2 year old Aussie.  This Aussie had lots of room to run but only had eyes for his owner and a tennis ball.  He loved catching balls in the air.  Buddy watched this a bit and is now doing the same thing at home. He is getting quite longer a pup.  You will get a kick...he likes to cuddle.  If I lay down on the bed and he comes up with me, he has to lay up against me, preferably with the biggest piece of the  Three weeks ago I was walking him in our community park and slipped on the sidewalk where we had poor drainage.  I fell and fractured my shoulder.  Even at only 6 months Buddy has seemed to know I was hurt and has been quite gentle with me.  All of this bragging can be traced back to his roots.  Great job with your breeding and early days of raising the pups.
Just wanted to pass on that I am very happy with him.   

******************************************************************** Thank You!

    First, let me start by saying that Jill is a knowledgeable, passionate, and trustworthy breeder. My soon-to-be husband and I decided that we wanted to adopt a puppy in the summer of ?09, and after researching breeds, we came to the conclusion that an Aussie would be a perfect match for us. We contacted several breeders in the Midwest, and Jill stood out from the rest. Right away, she took the time to answer any questions that we had in detail. For example, we could not decide if we wanted a male or female pup, and Jill thoroughly explained the traits of each sex. In the end, we decided on a male, and adopted Indiana (Indy). Indy is now about 6-and-a-half months old now, and has brought so much joy to our lives since day one. This puppy has one huge personality, and we always look forward to coming home to him! He?s our handsome guy!


Since adopting Indy, I have stayed in contact with Jill via e-mail, sharing pictures and stories about Indy. I recently received an e-mail from Jill that she was looking to place Indy?s mother, Lucy, into a loving and quiet home. Lucy had caught my attention the two times we drove out to Jill?s place; she is a stunning and sweet pooch. And knowing that Lucy was coming from an amazing breeder, I immediately contacted my parents, who have always talked about getting a dog, but didn?t want to go through the puppy-phase. Well, they adopted Lucy, and now Indy and his momma live close by and spend lots of time enjoying each others company!


So thank you Jill, for introducing two wonderful and loyal dogs to our family!"

- Erica & Chris

           Indy and Lucy nap                   



******************************************************************** Thanks!

      What more can be said about Jill? For her, raising the best Aussies is a way of life. When factoring in her experience, her time spent researching the latest info, and her devotion to the best possible care of her animals, it would be difficult to find a more dedicated breeder. Every visit to Jill's is like seeing an old friend, and there is no better way to experience the best of what the Australian Shepherd has to offer.

Dugan has been the subject of countless compliments, he is the center of attention, a constant source of pride, and the best companion for which we could ask. Simply put, he is the highlight of every day.

Thanks Jill!
Daniel & Teresa Brewer

UPDATE 2022 -  The Brewers have added two more Aussies from me, blue merle girl Luna and black tri boy Nox.


 ******************************************************************** Very Happy!

I had been looking for a Australian Shepherd puppy for a long time...and I couldn't believe my luck when I visited Jill and her Faithwalk pack! If I could be president of her fan club, I would! These are the best of the best Australian Shepherds available. I can't say enough good and fabulous things about Bella, the puppy I purchased, and about Jill, as a breeder and a person. I have other dogs, but Bella is clearly the product of a dedicated and knowledgeable breeder. I can't wait to bring another of her dogs into my home! Jill has been wonderful about answering any questions I have. I would be more than happy to talk to anyone with any questions about purchasing a puppy from Jill.

   Joyce R.



 (Bella is a 2008 puppy)  


     Update - Joyce has now added three more Faithwalk Aussies to her family.  Montana joined her last year and this past winter Finnegan did too!  Most recently Dylan, a black tri male, joined the family.  Picture coming soon.

 UPDATE 2022 - Joyce and I have become great friends and have co-owned and shown a number of dogs together, including MBIS MRBIS GCHP Wink, Holly, Ch Dazzle and soon to be Ch Mini American boy Porter, as well as quite a few others.

********************************************************************'T GET ANY BETTER!
     Jill is fantastic to work with.  From my initial contact with her it was obvious she first and foremost cares about what is in the best interest of her Aussies.  Jill will answer any questions you have throughout the buying process, she will get to know you trying hard to match a pup with your personality, lifestyle and needs and she will work to maintain a relationship with you long after the pup has left her care.
One visit with her and her pack you will quickly witness how healthy and happy her dogs are. 
Miles receives compliments on how beautiful and well behaved he is almost daily.  Whether we are out running errands, at the local dog park or walking through our neighborhood, he is always a hit.   Miles is funny, intelligent, loving and his happy-go-lucky attitude and disposition can't be beat.  He excelled through the AKC Puppy Star obedience class and is currently enrolled and doing very well in his 2nd level of agility training.  Simply put, we couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family. 

If you are serious about getting a quality Aussie I recommend without hesitation that you consider this breeder and second what many have said regarding buying from Jill again.  In fact, I purchased my second Aussie, Maverick from Jill this past June. 

Amy Detweiler

UPDATE 2022, Amy has also added a third Faitwhalk Aussie boy to her family, a blue merle male named Moose

******************************************************************** My Dogs!

     I absolutely LOVE my dogs!  We have Jessie, who is 2 1/2, and recently we got Star who is just 4 months old.  I'm so glad that I got them from Jill.  In the beginning, when I first began looking for an Australian Shepherd, I knew it would be important to have a good breeder.  I wanted to do all that I could to ensure that the new addition to our family would be healthy and loving and all that I expected. 

Jill made sure that I was very well informed about the breed and thoroughly answered all of my questions.  She helped me find a puppy with an outgoing personality to match up with my (and my family's) lifestyle.  I think that Jill does an excellent job finding dogs who make the best possible parents.  Not only are these puppies healthy and beautiful, they are gentle and smart too. 

Aussies are very energetic, a real draw for me! I have two active boys.  I wanted a fun dog who would play fetch and swim at the lake and wouldn't mind to hike on a trail with me and my family.  I know that some Aussies don't like to make new friends, but mine (at least so far) love to meet new people and new animals.  My 2 1/2 year old can do many tricks like the usual sit, lie down, stay, speak, and roll over.  But, she is trained to bow, play dead, jump through hula hoops, and she rings a bell by the door to go out to potty.  The new puppy is also following along with the bell trick. These dogs are very motivated by food treats.  There is no telling what I could make them do if I had more time for training.  I'm sure it's limitless. 

Another very important thing is that Jill periodically sends out new information about the breed or dogs in general.  She likes to make sure that we, as pet owners, are very informed about possible harms to our precious pooches.  I appreciate this because sometimes it's something I would have never seen otherwise. 

Finally, she does a really good job keeping in touch.  I love to see siblings of my puppy and aunts and uncles of theirs.  It's too cute and makes me feel like I know so much more about my puppy than others I know who don't have a great breeder like Jill


******************************************************************** PERFECT DOG


I purchased a female black tri from Jill during the summer. She is wonderful. Not only is she amazingly beautiful but she has the best disposition ever. When I flew to Indiana to look at her and purchase her, we could hardly walk through Indianapolis with everyone stopping us to get a look. When we got her she was about 13 - 14 weeks old and virtually completely potty trained. She has normal puppy behavior with some chewing but nothing like some of the ill mannered puppies I have seen. She is loving and adores the attention we give her but she isn't constantly demanding of attention (perfect). We go to the dog park where she plays with a variety of breeds and she gets along great with everyone. Jill will give you the straight scoop on her dogs so you can rely on what she tells you. Our girl is 9 months old now and weighs around 40 pounds. Jill had told me she would be smaller than her parents, and she is. Her size is perfect for our lifestyle.





     "Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken."

                      Psalm 55:22