Fun on the Frozen Pond


    Yes, not only is it fun to play IN the pond in the summer, it's fun to play ON it when it's iced over in winter!  Below are some of the best photos of the dogs enjoying our pond.   Of course we make sure the ice is thick enough and safe enough even for us to walk on, so we know the dogs are not at risk.   Since it was warm out the snow on top was melting and slushy, so there was standing water.  The dogs got soaked and had a blast!    Even for my dogs who get to run and play hard every day, they played EXTRA hard this time. It's such a blessing to see them having such a good time, and to be able to provide that for them.


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 No matter where we are, they have to play ball!




      I love the beautiful reflection pictures such as the one above and below




  The young ones opened a hole in the ice near shore.  Below, Benji (left) dripping wet after falling into it.  Shine seems pleased with herself.  We joked they did it on purpose to pull a prank on Benji.   (No worries, he was unharmed and not even fazed since he loves water and it was not over his head.)


Now for some pretty portraits in rich light and blue ice


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We started 2015 in a grand way with a massive photo shoot on the frozen pond on New Year's Day.  Conditions were perfect with smooth ice, bright sun and deep blue sky which reflected off the ice making spectacular color.   We had a blast playing and I shot a new daily record of 1550 photos. Here are some of my favorite ones.


         The photo below was my favorite of the day. I love the color and the composition


You can't go wrong with action shots, so here are some


      "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord."

          Psalm 150:6

    "Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done."  

          1 Chronicles 16:8



"Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God."  

Matthew 5:8