How Our Pups Are Raised




     Puppy Culture is  a birth to 12 week program with age appropriate exercises that help puppies develop confidence and impulse control, become desensitized to sounds reducing the risk of noise phobias later, and teach them a life long love of learning.  It helps us help our puppies reach their full potential. It empowers us as owners by giving us a much more deep and accurate understanding of puppy development, including how they view the world, and gives us the right knowledge and tools to help raise our puppies well.  It's passive and active enrichment, and while it can take some time, the time is so well spent at this age. The critical period for socializing ends between 12 and 16 weeks of age, and what a puppy learns and experiences, or doesn't learn and experience in that time, can have lifelong effects for better or worse.  This helps us do the right things and avoid doing the wrong things.  We can be advocates for our puppies as we start taking them out in the world too, so others are not doing things that can undermine the strong foundation we start.  

  As a person with decades experience in canine behavior, I can't recommend Puppy Culture enough!  I call it the gold standard for puppy raising! 


 Puppy Culture DVD



     I wanted to make a new page devoted to sharing information and photos about how our pups are raised.  Ever since I started, my goal was to raise puppies to help the reach their full potential. This includes very intentional methods of handling, socializing and enrichment that is so critical in the first months of life.  I've used various methods and am starting to implement ideas from The Puppy Culture.  We also have an Adventure Box and many other toys and obstacles to help puppies learn confidence and build physical agility.   This page is a work in progress so check back to see what we add!

   Something else to consider - I was talking with someone about temperament tests and puppies, and had this thought: "I think a temperament test should more accurately be called an aptitude test as it shows traits the pup has so far, and can show areas to work on."  I try to match my pups based on all I see over the time they are with me, not just based on a one time "test."

 Puppy Culture DVD





    Small Adventure Box above for 3-5 week old age, and below larger one for 5+ weeks of age











     I've had people ask how we wean pups, so here are a couple photos.  I use the fine ground raw from My Pet Carnivore, and warm it just to body temperature. I add Dogzymes Ultimate (after the first week of just meat/bone mix), and probiotics.  I also had warm water to make it easier for pups to slurp up.



Then the yummy mix is served in the donut pan!


     We start out with just ground meat/bone mix, usually the ground turkey necks.  After a few days to a week I will start adding raw green tripe (ground.)   Then I start adding organs, then other species like chicken, rabbit, emu, alpaca until they are getting the same variety my adults get.




      "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."  Proverbs 22:6