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    Links to various breed clubs


 Welcome to the official homepage of the Australian Shepherd Club of America.    


Welcome to the Official Home Page of the United States Australian Shepherd Association a member of The American Kennel Club.     


The offical website for the American Kennel Club 


This is a great pedigree website for those interested in learning more about their dog's ancestors


  Here is a link to a GREAT article on the subject,  titled Animal Rights is Wrong, by Loretta Baughan 



This is a fantastic new site with frequent blogs and great information!  Definitely check this one out.  It's designed to keep up with the H$U$ and keep us all posted on what they are doing or trying to do.



This is one of my all time favorite sites for up to the minute, well written entries!  




    Here is a link to an article about importing animals for adoption from out of the country. Some of these animals are carrying serious disease and they can be transmitted to unwitting and well meaning adoptors.  




 The website for the place I get a lot of my raw foods:



   If you want a LOT more great info about natural dog care, I suggest subscribing to this DOGS NATURALLY MAGAZINE:

Dogs Naturally Magazine


    This magazine has articles on the risks of over vaccination, as well as information on raw feeding and providing the best care for many canine ailments.  There are also articles about dog behavior and training, and ads for many holistic and natural products.



    This is the link to the Dogs Naturally Vaccine Article page. I HIGHLY recommend this to all pet owners!


     I also wanted to include a link for a similar topic, the dangers of flea and tick products.  These products are not safe either, and it is wise to consider their use at all. I avoid them on my own dogs as I will not willingly apply poison to them.  Being raw fed and minimally vaccinated, their immune systems are strong and that makes them less appealing to parasites.






     If you don't need a puppy, why not consider Aussie Rescue? There are always many Aussies in need, some with stories that will melt your heart, or make you cry. These dogs are often diamonds in the rough, patiently waiting for a forever home and people to love them.  I have fostered many Aussies through the years and will say first hand that it is very rewarding!  Seeing them blossom with love and good care, and go on to bless their adoptive families with many years of love.  You will feel good knowing you saved a life. 


    I will include the links to several Aussie rescue websites:







The Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute. An extremely valuable source for information pertaining to the health of this breed!   


CERF website


MDR1 testing website


OFA website

Website for hereditary cataract testing:


This site has information about the MDR1 mutation, and the drugs that may cause serious or even fatal reactions in herding breeds.


This site has great information on the early development of puppies and dogs. 



These are good sites about VACCINE info. A must read!  I don't agree with waiting until 12 weeks to vaccinate a pup as it states on the first one, but the overall info is great and is important to read and understand.  The big message is do your homework, be proactive in your dog's health and make informed decisions.



Good TRAINING and behavior info


Great info on WORKING Aussies!



Great site to order dog books and DVDs on a wide variety of subjects



     Calming Signals

Another really interesting topic is that of calming signals. I will add a link to some good info on these.  Understanding how canines use them will help you be a much better owner, trainer and discerner of canine behavior.  I had the privilege to meet the "mother" of this area of behavior, Turid Rugaas, when she was developing her ideas.  It was many years ago when I lived at Wolf Park (the early 1990s).  She came to study the wolves there and shared her ideas with us. 

   Here is a link to her site: 

    I highly recommend reading all you can on this fascinating topic.  Calming signals include yawning, lip licking or tongue flicking, head turning, walking in a circle instead of directly toward, raising a paw, and other behaviors a canine may use to calm itself or others in a situation.  When you understand these behaviors and how they are used, it will open a whole new world of communication between you and your dogs.

   If you only read one article on this topic, make it this one:


 This is not exactly about Aussies, but is an EXCELLENT website for everything behavior, with a focus on wolves and wolfdogs. It was created by a good friend of mine and I highly recommend it for any behavior geek like me!


 The Wolfdog Project








 This is a GREAT article about temperament and how it works.  It is about German Shepherd Dogs but the principles apply to all dogs, and since Aussies are also herding dogs, it's even more close for them.  I really encourage anyone wanting to understand temperament and why it is genetic, not "how they are raised" to ready this. 




 Suggested Reading

    I will add book titles as I can, starting with anything by Pat Hastings.  Her DVD  "The Puppy Puzzle" and book titled "Structure in Action, The Makings of Durable Dogs" are great for those wanting to learn and understand more about canine structure and movement, and how important it is in the ability for dogs to function.  Also, it's great for breeders as they assess their litters and decide which pup or pups to keep back or sell for show or performance.  Another one I like by this author is "Another Piece of the Puzzle, PUPPY DEVELOPMENT".   This one is great for breeder or buyer alike. For breeders there is a lot of valuable information on critical developmental periods and what we should be doing with and for our pups, and for the buyer, it will be yet another tool to assess the breeder of your potential new canine friend.   Both these books and the DVD can be ordered online from Amazon or Dogwise.

I also love anything by Jane Killion of Puppy Culture fame!




     If you would like to order a copy of the book I co-authored with Vladimir Beregovoy, here is the link:


Primitive Breeds Perfect Dogs 


     "Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; Not as the world gives do I give to you.  Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid."

John 14:27