Choosing a pup - boy or girl?



 Will you choose a handsome baby boy, or a pretty baby girl?

      There are a lot of myths about the benefits of one sex of puppy over another.  In all my many years of living with dogs of both sexes, and for going on 20 years with intact rather than spayed or neutered, I can't say there are THAT many differences, especially in spayed or neutered dogs. 
   I will make a few generalizations here, but remember they are just that, and that each dog will be an individual.
   I think males tend to be more happy go lucky, not taking life too seriously.  They love to play and tend to be puppy like for many years.  If neutered by 18 months of age, they tend not to have a lot of the male behaviors people may not want.  I find it's easier to keep a group of neutered males than females who are spayed or not.  I enjoy their happy outlook on life very much. 
   Females may take life a bit more seriously, though some are pretty silly too.  Some tend to be a bit more "cunning" in that they will decide they want something and will do all they can to get it.   If you have several females, they may be more likely to have issues with each other than several boys do.  Bear in mind this is more true of intact girls rather than spayed ones though even spayed ones may be this way.  Intact girls sure can have mood swings!   But I also find one of the BIGGEST factors is how we set up our dogs' daily routine. If we set them up to minimize conflict and over stimulation, they get along better than if it's more of a free for all.
  I find if you have a dog of one sex already, getting the opposite for your second dog may be ideal.  The next best is two boys, and last is two girls, though it can work if the girls are not the more dominant types.  We always say boys fight for points, girls fight for keeps.  (That doesn't always mean a real fight, but you get the idea.)
   A lesser issue is size and coat.  Some boys will carry a bit more coat, especially around the neck and chest, than some girls.  It doesn't mean boys are harder to groom, but will have a handsome look to them. Boys tend to be bigger, though not always by a lot. 
    All in all, people tend to pick what they think is the "best" sex for them, but the purpose of this is to get them to think outside the box, and look at both sexes when choosing a new pup.




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Philippians 4:19