Our Mini Americans!

We have some new additions here at Faithwalk!  As I age, I realize it may be nice having smaller dogs who should have all the things I love about Aussies.   It was a no brainer to choose Miniature American Shepherds, the smaller cousins to Aussies.  Like I did with Aussies, I sought out dogs with good temperaments, health and structure, type and movement.

For those who are not familiar with this breed, they are a close cousin to Aussies and many of their pedigrees include Aussies. They are a somewhat new breed to full AKC recognition and of course are in the herding group.   They are a bit smaller but share many of the physical and behavioral qualities with their bigger Australian Shepherd cousins, and it's why I was interested in them.   I love an active, thinking, doing kind of dog and didn't want too small a dog, so this breed is a good choice for me. 

  I am just getting started, learning the lines and breeders. I really want to thank the breeders who helped me get started, especially Ashley Lindauer and Jenny Tidwell for their help and selling me dogs!   Stay tuned as I add a section for each of our dogs.  Until then I will just add some cute photos of our Mini Americans enjoying life.

We will work on getting individual pages up as we can.



     "God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears this will laugh with me...." 

     Genesis 21:6