"My Name is No, No, Bad Dog"


      I decided to make a light-hearted page dedicated to those less than perfect moments you will encounter when living with an Aussie.  They do find creative ways to get dirty and entertain themselves.  Having a sense of humor (and some patience) is a MUST when living with these dogs!  If you like  a sense of order and a spotlessly clean house and life, this probably isn't the breed for you!  I will add photos I have taken and some from friends with Aussies.  (And yes, the title of this page was taken from a Gary Larson/The Far Side cartoon. I admit I am a big Gary Larson fan!) 

   This first series is of a 3 month old puppy who was let out of the house after a big rainfall, for a brief potty break.  She managed to do this to herself in just a few moments.  Thankfully the others didn't follow her lead.

"Hi, my name is No, No, Bad Dog!"  



    Below, this puppy couldn't just play in the pond, she had to get as coated in mud as possible!






    "I just wanted to help you paint the house. I thought it would be neat to look like those merle Aussies too, so I put blue all over me!"


 The picture says it all!  I had just gotten up from a clean chair and this is what I came back to.



               "Hole, what hole?"                     Hole digger in training 



 Below is a picture of puppy Indy, sent by his new owner

  "I didn't mean to do it!"


       The dog above is a "No, No, Bad Dog!" School alumni. She graduated at the top of her class!  In the picture below, her brother also graduated with honors, though he lives in another state!  This talent must run in the family! Rumor has it their brother Quest is pretty talented in this area as well.

Another important skill is to act innocent no matter what you have just done or what evidence there may be.  This girl has this talent in a big way!
Below another puppy joins the club!




   "Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say, rejoice!"
       Philippians 4:4