More Amazing Aussies!

Faithwalk P.S. I Love You

   I fell in love with Holly the minute she was born.  That did not change as she grew. I was smitten and knew she was not going anywhere.  She was an adorable puppy and is growing into a stunning adult with lovely type and movement.  She has her daddy Wink's effortless movement, and drive and exuberance to spare.  She loves to play fetch on land or in the pond, and squeals with delight when we have company. She never went through the puppy ganglies and I hope to get her out to start her show career soon. Most of all, I love living with my fuzzy head girl and look forward to many years to come!

Holly Stats:

Hips: OFA prelim good

Elbows:  OFA prelim normal

EYES:  AS-EYE2036/2F-PI (cleared 3/18)

HSF4 Hereditary Cataract mutation: CLEAR

MDR1: normal/normal



Bite: scissors bite/full dentition

ASCA DNA  pending


Also clear of DM, CMR1 and Cone Degeneration



Flirt is our puppy back from the Wink/Rhea litter. We are enjoying watching her grow into a fun loving, beautiful girl. She's confident, outgoing and fun to have around, with lots of drive and bounce like her dad.   Flirt is co-owned by Joyce and I and will spend time with both of us.


Flirt Stats:

Hips: OFA prelim Fair application #1862952

Elbows: OFA Normal application #1862952

Eyes: CAER clear AS-EYE2035/9F-PI   (clear 3/18)

HSF4 Hereditary Cataract: CLEAR 

MDR1: normal/normal

prcd-PRA:  CLEAR 


Bite: scissors bite, missing two premolars

CHIC# pending

ASCA DNA pending 

Also clear of DM, CRM1, Cone Degeneration


    "How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity."

    Proverbs 133:1