Photos from Buyers

     This page will feature photos of from buyers, showing some of the fun, entertaining and interesting activities in which the dogs are involved.   I am so blessed by the fantastic people who join our Faithwalk family by adding one or more of our pups to theirs, and of course I thoroughly love to see the puppies growing up and enjoying life!  They all have such wonderful  lives with their owners all across the country.  I've gotten hundreds of photos over the years, so choosing just a few to include on this page was hard.  Keep those photos coming!  I just made a second page!


    I love the expression on Tahoe's face, and of course what goes better with an Aussie than her very own girl?




 Happy Birthday Miles!


     Can you find the Aussie?  I love this photo!   Blu is graduating from obedience class.  In good Aussie fashion, she's attentively watching her owner!



 Lacey is pictured below on the A frame.  She is also a therapy dog and brings great joy to the residents of the facility she visits.  Puppy Nellie is following in her big sister's paw prints and training to be a therapy do as well.



Below is another of our water sport loving girl Billie Jean!




 Above is puppy Gus playing with a neighbor's Golden Retriever Rudy, who seems to be teaching the puppy how to roll in the grass!


  Below is a grown up Gus by pretty flowers.




Rebel is pictured (far left) with house mates  Pita (Great Pyrenees), Pele (Aussie) and Roadie (pitbull). 



 Passion's nearly look-alike son Boomer posing in his bumble bee costume



   "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you."  

     Matthew 7:7