More Photos from Buyers

    Yes, we had to make a second page so I can post some of the many pictures I get from the folks have that have one or more dog from Faithwalk Aussies! 

     In the 4 photos below, Lucy plays the role of "Sandy" in a production of the play "Annie."  She was a hit and had a great time doing it.  Lucy is out of Tess and Caleb.  She lives with the Richards family with her uncle Merlin.










    We start with Capri, a 3 month old puppy who just enjoyed her first big snow.  With her puppy fuzz, the snow stuck and made hundreds of snowballs.  She looks a little embarrassed but I know the fun she had was more than worth it!   The other puppy is Grace enjoying the ivy.



     Dakota enjoying time on the beach in Florida.  He's a Fancy/Caleb son.




Zoey is Dori's sister and Savannah is Skye's sister



We all know how smart Aussies are.  Here is Paisley, hard at work in "her" office.  With this kind of work ethic she'll be CEO in no time!




      Two year old Joey and senior Aussie Rocky with "their" girls. Joey is a Faithwalk Aussie and he is become the older Rocky's "ears", as Rocky's sense of hearing is gone.  It is SO neat to see how these dogs take care of other members of the family.



Yobbo enjoying dock diving at the lake near his owner's home in Michigan!  Most of our Aussies LOVE water sports!


BIS winning Charlie poses with "her" girl, showing off some of her recently won ribbons.  I can't keep up with all her titles so this list is not complete, but here she is!

BIS ARCHX Faithwalk's C Troop 2nd Cavalry, UR02, RL2 (APDT), RL3, RL1X2, RL-X, RL-2X, RL-3, RL1-AOE, , RN (AKC),  DNA-VP



Elvis showing off his handsome looks!





Four happy Faithwalk Aussies belonging to the Yanchuk family. These are Gino, Nikki, Bella and Theo (merle in front).  We love our repeat buyers as we know they will love another of our puppies, and are glad they are happy with the Aussies from us.



Choosy Aussies Choose Jif - Merlin is a Darcy/Dylan son




This is Micah and Gus.   They grew up together but are from different litters.  It is a nice comparison of the lines too, the variation between a more moderate type (Micah) and a more stocky type (Gus).  Gus looks like a blue merle version of his dad Dylan, and Micah shows traits of both parents Fancy and Logan.




Stanley is a young Passion/Dylan son


Finn, a young Darcy/Dylan son




Kodi is Skye puppy and earned his CGC at less than a year of age.  Way to go Kodi and owners Denise and Tim, and Faithwalk's Kodiak Streams Are Blue, CGC




Nellie (Passion/Montana), Snickers (sheltie), and Lacey (Lucy/Montana) sitting pretty!




Handsome Rebel (Darcy/Dylan) enjoying the big snow




  Silly Rowdy "helping" with leaves. Aussies are such good helpers!  



Bodhi loves the hose!



Kai with his owner on a hike (Passion/Dylan) in California


Chloe loves the lake


 Piper and March at the dunes





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