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Confused about "Papers?"   The information on this page should answer your questions.


      I wanted to share some information about the various registries you may find in the United States.  The oldest and most well known is the American Kennel Club or AKC The other most reputable registry for Aussies is the Australian Shepherd Club of America or ASCA This is the original, foundation registry for the breed, predating the acceptance of the Aussie into the AKC.  Both ASCA and AKC clubs host all kinds of events in which Aussies and their owners may participate.  These include conformation shows, agility trials, working (ASCA) or herding (AKC) trials and much more. They have a huge pedigree database and you can trace your dog's ancestors back to the foundation of the blood line. These are the two respectable registries. 

      Another one is the United Kennel Club (UKC.)  They also have shows and other events, and from what I have been told the events are more informal and family oriented than some shows.  This registry also keeps good pedigree info.

  There is also the National Stock Dog Registry, though not many breeders use this any more.

   I should also mention some of the more "fly by night" type registries that have popped up in the U.S.  Off the top of my head I can think of the Continental Kennel Club (CKC, not to be confused with the respectable Canadian Kennel Club which is the Canadian version of the AKC), APR (American Pet Registry), ASDR (American Stock Dog Registry, which many "mini" and "toy" Aussie breeders use, National Kennel Club (NKC), Universal Kennel Club and more.  Most of these registries came into existence to offer "paper" to lower quality dogs and breeding programs, often the big commercial breeding operations or puppy mills, who provide mass produced pups for pet stores.  Some of the breeders who use these registries may have lost the right to register dogs with AKC or ASCA, and some may have bought dogs with limited registrations from AKC or ASCA, so sought "papers" from these less respectable clubs in hopes of still charging a lot of money for their dogs.

  The downside of these registries is you really have no idea if the dogs registered with them are purebred.  You could literally find a stray dog that resembles a breed, get two people to sign a paper saying it looks purebred, and for a few dollars and a couple photos of the dog you suddenly have a "purebred, registered dog."  Now it is bred and pups are sold, but there is no actual pedigree info or health background.  And, at least the CKC will register known mixbreed dogs as "hybrids."

   I usually tell people they are best off buying a puppy or dog with AKC and/or ASCA papers.  Even if a person just wants a pet they will spay or neuter, they can at least trace the dog's pedigree and possibly find out any info about the ancestors of the dog.   There is a lot more that goes into choosing a good dog and a good breeder, but ensuring the breeder is in good standing and maybe even belongs to ASCA or the AKC parent club USASA can be the first step to choose a respectable breeder.
   Also, be aware many breeders sell their AKC and/or ASCA pups with "limited" registrations papers, if the pups are to be pets who will be spayed or neutered.  This is one step a good breeder can take to ensure pups of their lines don't fall into the hands of disreputable breeders.   Many will also have a contract with the new buyer stating the pup must be spayed or neutered by a certain age.  This will also help ensure only the best quality Aussies are bred for future generations. 

   The link to the AKC is:

   The link to ASCA is:

    Other papers that may come with a puppy may include the pedigree.  This is merely a family tree but it is nice to know the lines behind your dog.  Good breeders will spend hours studying pedigrees, trying to learn all the can about the ancestors of their dogs or a new dog they may buy or breed to.  A pedigree is a valuable tool for a good breeder to base future breeding decisions.  It is nice to have one with your puppy and most breeders will include them in the puppy supplies provided with a puppy.



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