Show Results and All Accomplishments


     This new page will celebrate the accomplishments of any Faithwalk Aussie.   I believe all the things we do with our beloved Aussies are important, so wanted to make a page where owners can proudly show off their dogs and the activities they do with them.  I know that just sharing our lives with these wonderful dogs is a blessing, but since Aussies are so versatile and talented, I know many folks do even more than that with them.  Besides having a few of our Aussies out there showing in conformation shows, some are training in agility, Rally, herding/working and obedience, to be therapy dogs and so much more!  It's exciting to see these puppies grow up to reach their full potential, and to utilize their many talents.

   (This page is a work in progress and will be updated as I can, and as I get the information and photos from the owners. This will get it started.)




 ASCA Ch AKC RBIS Multi Group Winning, Placing Silver Gch X'Sells Kiss-N-Tell

 This section will feature some of Wink's many wins

The photo above is from one of our best days ever!  Wink won his first AKC Reserve Best In Show and his traveling partner Lucy the Whippet won her first Best In Show ever.  They were handled by sisters Kara and Alyssa Janiszak.   There were many happy tears this day between Team Lucy and Wink, all the owners and supporters!   This was Winona, MN  in Nov 2016. The win photo is posted below

Wink's Group 2 win photo from the Fort Wayne Cluster. This was a Breed win over the #1 Aussie, #1 Herding dog and most winning Aussie of all time, so was a very happy day for us!

Thanks judge Joe Lobb for this nice win! This was Wilmot, WI.  Kara Janiszak handling

Wink in a recent Group 2 win under Robert Frost, at Lebanon, IN Oct 2016  Handled by Kara Janiszak

Wink in a recent Group 2 win under Louise Palarik, at Lebanon, IN

Handled above by Jacqueline Johnson and below by Billy Huntington

NEW UPDATE:  Wink just finished his AKC BRONZE Grand Championship under judge Barbara Alderman at the Indy Winter Classic Cluster (Feb 2016.)  Way to go Team Wink!

    Wink winning a Premier award under judge Flo McDaniel at the NYASA Pre-Show at the 2015 ASCA National Specialty!   We are so proud of our boy!   This is his first ASCA National show too.


    Wink aka X'Sells Kiss-N-Tell takes second place in the 12-15 month blue merle dog class at the 2014 USASA National Speciality show.   Handled and bred by Heather Sells, owned by Joyce Rutledge and co-owned by me.  Way to go Wink!


  EXCITING NEWS!!   Wink just finished his AKC Championship with a WD and BOW win for that last point, on May 31, 2014.  Handled by Tracy Richardson.  Last weekend he was BOB and Group 4 in Bloomington IL, also handled by Tracy.   Way to go team!  Win photos to come.


    In June 2014 Wink has continued his winning streak with two Select wins for one point each, and another that was a 4 point major with champions defeated.  He's well on his way toward his AKC Grand Championship. 


     DEC 2014 -I am so behind updating this page for our dogs.   Wink took two more BOB wins this weekend in Belleville, IL, and on Saturday took a Herding Group 2 win.  I have to check but think both wins were for majors toward his Gch.  If so he just needs a few singles.  


Herding Group 4 in Bloomington, IL in May 2014  


   Great news from Cleveland!  Wink took BOS Thursday and Saturday to finish his Grand Championship.   Win photos to come.  He had taken two BOBs and a Gr 2 win last weekend in Bellevlille, IL for his second and third majors toward his Gch, so this weekend just finished him out.  Way to go Wink, Joyce and his breeder Heather Sells who handled this weekend.


   Wink had an amazing weekend in Auburn, IN in March 2015!   He was Best of Breed both days and took a Herding Group first!    




      Then he took a Select under judge Houston Clark at the big Louisville Shows with a huge entry of Aussies!  Photo coming soon.  


     I am so behind updating Wink's show news, but as of Sept 2015 he has 3 AKC herding group 3 wins, 2 placements, and has finished his ASCA championship with all majors in limited showing.  We haven't even gotten serious about his specials career yet!


Wink takes his fourth major to finish his ASCA championship









Piper takes Reserve Winners Bitch her first time showing   



 Secret wins her class at the big Specialty in Novi, MI Jan 2015






 NEWS FLASH!!  In July 2013 Finn takes his first Best of Breed win in an AKC show, after just starting his show career.  Details coming soon!   Even bigger news - Finn just took Best of Breed, Best of Winners and a AKC HERDING GROUP 2 at the August 2013 show in Elgin, IL.   Way to go Finn and Joyce!  UPDATE:  Finn is up to 6 AKC Best of Breed wins now by mid September, he's on a roll!  He's been taking BOB at most of the shows he's entered.  Keep up the good work!   ANOTHER UPDATE, FINN FINISHED HIS INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IN ONE WEEKEND!   He is now Intl Ch Faithwalk's Love Never Fails, CGC, TDI.  Way to go Finn and Joyce!  


   Finn also has earned his advanced CGC - the Community Canine, CGCA.   Not only is he handsome, he has a wonderful temperament too!




    Faithwalk's Sweet Indys Bella CGC joins the club by getting her CGC in July 2011.  Her owner recently became interested in obedience training and Bella passed her CGC with almost no training. She is now on to bigger and better things such as training in Rally and Agility, along with housemate Blue Pine's Big Sky Country CGC, TDI aka Montana (also from us.)  Not bad for an almost 4 year old Aussie who has lived as a companion to her family.  She is the star of her class according to her proud owner Joyce!  She is Passion's sister.  Not to be outdone, her housemate Montana recently earned his CGC too!  He is joining Bella in training in Rally.  UPDATE:  Two more of Joyce's Aussies, Finn and Dylan, have joined the CGC club.  They are brothers she added to her family, and they are grandsons of Montana.  Montana now has his Therapy Dog International certification and is working as a Therapy Dog along with grandson Finn who also has his Therapy Dog International certification.   UPDATE JANUARY 2014:  MONTANA has earned his advanced CGC - the Community Canine, CGCA. Way to go Montana!

    Finnegan, aka  Faithwalk's Love Never Fails, CGCA, TDI pictured above while visiting me, and at a show at Grays Summit (Purina Farms) in the spring of 2013.






 July 10, 2010 at the CASC (Carolina Australian Shepherd Club) shows in Salisbury NC.  Charlie placed 1st in 6-9 month puppy class in each show.  It was her first show and her owner's first show!    Below she is pictured with some of her ribbons from Rally.


Below she is pictured with some of her ribbons from Rally.



BIS ARCHX UR02 Faithwalks C Troop 2nd Cavalry, JS-N, RL1-AOE, RL1X2, RL2, RL2X, RL3, RN (AKC), DNA-VP, 

Additional titles :UR01, (12 performance titles)

She was 2011 USASA (AKC) #4 ranked Rally Novice A Aussie!


4 Altered Best of Breeds (ASCA); 2 Altered BOB and Group 1?s (UKC), 1 Reserve Best in Show and a Group 2, just one win away from her UKC Altered Conformation Championship.



     Above is a photo  Charlie after winning a Group 1 in UKC!


    Way to go Charlie and her proud owner Angelica!!!   This girl is titled or pointed in every venue!  Talk about a truly versatile Aussie!



ARCHX UR03 Faithwalk's Shout at the Devil, RL1-AOE, RL1X2, RL2, RL2X2, RL3, RN (AKC), CGC, DNA-CP, 2011 USASA (AKC) #2 ranked Rally Novice A Aussie!

Additional titles :UR01, UR02,  (14 performance titles)

Also legs in AKC RA, BN and CD, ASCA RN, Novice Jumpers Agility, CPE Jumpers and Standard agility

2 Best Jr Male wins (UKC)

1 (AKC) CD Leg, 1 (AKC) BN leg



Faithwalk's Shout at the Devil  "Crue"


     On February 20, 2011 one of our puppies passed his CGC at the tender age of five and a half months.   Way to go Crue and owner Angelica!!!   He's a litter mate to our Dori and Bea's Quest.  He is hitting the conformation ring, and starting in Rally and obedience this spring.  Since that day, Crue has been an Aussie over achiever! See above for his full registered name and collection of titles in several venues. 

      Below he is pictured at less than a year of age with some of his ribbons from Rally.





   Faithwalk's Promise Keeper


    Introducing Faithwalk's Promise Keeper, taking Best of Breed Puppy at her first show in El Salvador.  Owned and loved by Ximena Barrera.   Promise has a very bright future ahead of her, both as a beloved companion and a future champion show dog!       

    Congratulations and thanks to Ximena for giving this gorgeous girl a great home!




Faithwalk's Seeker of Dreams, RA, BN CGC



     Faithwalk's Seeker of Dreams, aka Quest joins his brother Crue for his first Rally title. He completed his Rally Novice title Easter weekend.   This has been a very talented and versatile litter!  He is owned, loved  and trained my by good friend Bea Elias. This is just the first of many titles to come!   UPDATE: Quest has also earned his Canine Good Citizen award and Rally Advanced.  Way to go!  And now he can add Beginners Novice to his titles.  







    We have another Faithwalk pup who recently got his CGC.  He is starting Rally next.  Sampson is 7 months old and lives in Wisconsin with his proud owners Carly and Dan.  Congratulations to you all!



     Merlin aka Faithwalk's Angels Thunder joins the CGC club by graduating at the top of his obedience class and earning the title by 6 months of age.  Most of my puppies who go to classes graduate at the top of their class, and we couldn't be more proud of them and their owners, who put the work into them!  He is pictured above as a baby, and I will try to get a new photo soon.




   These two pretty sisters Lacey and Nellie are both doing work as Therapy Dogs at a nursing home, as well as training in agility.   I think it's wonderful work to bring joy to the residents in various facilities, and am proud to help bring good dogs into that field.   Hats off to their owners the Shipleys who did the work to raise and train these girls to be able to do this important work.  And this is from Tyler's mother, and goes with the picture of Tyler and Lacey:


    "Wanted to let you know that Tyler won 1st place in his subnovice B class with Lacey at the Fulton County Fair 4-H Dog Show yesterday.  He then went on to be the HI-Point Obedience Dog winner with Lacey at the show too!  They both worked great together." 
       Way to go Tyler and Lacey - we are proud of you!
     UPDATE!  (April 2012) Lacey just earned her RN title with AKC. That is Rally Novice.  She is now Faithwalk's Montana Lucille Air Lacey, RN.  She should be titling in Agility before too long. She's got talent!




Rebel (Darcy/Dylan) with his first AKC Agility win.  This is from his proud owner:

    "We came in first place for Jumpers!  He competed in  AKC WAG (Wisconsin - Illinois Agility Club)  20" Novice A as this was his and my first ever trial.  He had a score of 100 in his Jumpers run and did such an amazing job!  So proud of him."


          Way to go Elizabeth and Rebel!  We are proud of you too!




      New update -July 2014.  Rebel acquired AKC Agility Open titles in Standard and Jumpers with Weaves.  Way to go Elizabeth and Rebel!  We are proud of you!





      I wanted to highlight half siblings Rogue and Sassy as they begin stock dog training.  These are two promising young dogs who are also training to be therapy dogs, and according to their owners are a well known fixtures in their small town.  These are the kind of dogs we try to -  breed, balanced, sound, versatile Aussies who are delight for their owners and all who meet them, and that can excel at a variety of activities. 

   UPDATE!!  (April 2012)

     The proud owners of Rogue (Darcy/Logan) and Sassy (Logan/Grace) just emailed to let me know they passed their CGC test and both dogs also passed certification for Therapy Dogs International.  They passed with both owners singly and together. The tester said that was the first time she'd had a brace certify.  
  Way to go Rogue and Sassy, and proud owners Mike and Yvette!  We can't wait to hear how the dogs touch the lives of the residents in the facilities you visit.  To me this is one of the most important "jobs" a dog can have!


      I just got the call from Tammy,  the proud owner of Faithwalk Raphael Healer Of Hearts aka Raphael.  She reports he just got his CGC title.  He goes to work with her to the nursing home where he works as a therapy dog, bringing smiles and joy to all he meets.  Way to go Tammy and Raphael!!  UPDATE:  Raphael is also now a Certified Therapy Dog!  There is a picture below showing him the day he certified.







     Below are a couple photos and a write up by Jaden's owner Patti.  She takes him to an assisted living facility as well as other places, where he can work as a Therapy Dog.  I am sooooo proud of all who train and make their dogs available for this work, as it brings such joy to the recipients.  Jaden is out of Logan and Fancy. 







   From Patti:

     "Jaden visits my good friend at our local assisted living facility. This gentleman is teaching Jaden how to walk along his scooter, how to make a turn with the scooter's swivel action and getting him used to the many beeps and sounds this scooter makes. My good friend has some challenges involving his speech and motor skills but Jaden understands him in play and training and respects his direction. This wonderful man is popular and very active in our community... if Jaden is to keep up with him he will need to learn how to travel along this scooter comfortably. This Logan/Fancy pup is everything we could ever hope for and we are thankful to Jill for her continued support in helping Jaden continue to improve and find his purpose. "       November 2013







  Kodi has earned his CGC first try and before a year of age.  Owners Tim and Denise couldn't be more proud of their Skye puppy.   He is now Faithwalk's Kodiak Streams Are Blue, CGC



   Echo has earned his CGC first try and at 9 months of age.  Owners Susan couldn't be more proud of her Tillie puppy.  His similar aged housemate Chesapeake Bay Retriever got his at the same time. Way to go boys!   Here is Echo as a young puppy.




   "This is the day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it."

   Psalm 118:24